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Our Services

Counseling service empowers the individual to make important decisions regarding the alternative course of actions, help individuals obtain information, and to clarify emotional concerns that may interfere with their ability to make informed decisions.

Individual Counseling

Improves the quality of life and will allow you to share your concerns and challenges in a structured safe space. This is a moment for you to increase self-awareness, self-exploration, identifying boundaries, enhance communication skills, and improve the use of healthy coping skills.

$80.00 per hour

Family Counseling

This is an opportunity for the family to discuss their concerns and issues that may impact the family’s functioning. When one family member is struggling, everyone is. But the reverse is also true: I can help everyone in the family by engaging everyone in the therapy. If part of the family system grows, everyone

$150.00 per 1 hour

Couple Counseling

Relationship Therapy isn't just for married couples. You don’t have to be married to seek couples counseling. Perhaps,  you are a new couple hitting some bumps in the road or a couple who has been together for a while but are struggling. Couples counseling is for you.

$400.00 for 4 - 1-hour sessions. 1 session per week.

Crisis Management

Helps to restore some sense of control after a crisis event or disaster. Crisis counseling supports the individual with problem-solving and assists in obtaining available resources.

This service will allow you access to me for 6 sessions per month. The service offered is pre-crisis, mid-crisis, and post-crisis. The goal of pre-crisis is to identify the harm, minimize and or eliminate threats and develop a safety plan. Mid-crisis the goal is to ensure the safety of all involved, assess the threat, minimize/ eliminate harm,  de-escalate emotions, and identify risk in developing a safety plan. Post-crisis is an opportunity to learn about what facilitated the crisis, assess the safety plan, re-evaluate, and develop a prevention plan.

$475.00 for 6 -1-hour sessions per month

Grief Counseling

This is a safe space that allows you to respond to the many losses associated with death. I provide a warm environment where you will become better equipped to cope with these waves of big emotion as they arise. 

$90.00 per 1 hour

Wellness Coaching

Increase one’s ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

Health and wellness coaching help people develop individualized strategies for improving their health, exercise, eating, and emotional well-being. Here you will have the opportunity to develop an individualized plan that is practical and fits your lifestyle.

$90.00 per hour


Provides a venue to engage in short term specific topics to assess the needs.

This Is an opportunity for you to engage with me to assess if I am the right match for you. This is a  two-way process we will talk about your interest in services. I will provide distinctive recommendations and you will determine if the services will benefit you.

$100.00 per hour

Pre-Booking is required with an advance payment of the total number of sessions.