Specialize Services

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Birth Therapy

Choose from either weekly or bi-weekly Birth Therapy that best match your need. One session per week is for those who want to make solid improvements in understanding and processing their issues and concerns, feelings, and/or fears as it relates to birth and postpartum.

$100.00 Weekly per session

$200.00 Bi-Weekly per session

Weekly-Postpartum Mood Disorder Prevention:

Preparing for what postpartum might look like for your family and how it can affect your mental health.

$80.00 per session

Postpartum Mood Disorder Therapy

Immediate Postpartum therapy after the birth of your baby. Weekly appointments in increments of ½ hour as it is convenient for your family.

$100.00 per session.

Postpartum Crisis intervention

These sessions are in place to reduce the intensity of an individual's emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral health during the postpartum period.

$200.00 per session.

All services can be administered through Zoom or Telephone.

All sessions are 1-hour unless otherwise stated.

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Pre-Booking is required with an advance payment of the total number of sessions.